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Rico Nasty and Il Makiage collab on ‘electric’ makeup

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Rico Nasty has created a makeup collection with Il Makiage, a beauty brand, that will be released on Sept. 10 at 11 a.m. EST on

For this collection, Maria Kelly, better known as Rico Nasty, announced there will be two eyeshadow palettes, a dual-sided brush, and two eyeliner pencils.

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

“I’m really happy that I can inspire people with my looks, because I never even meant to do that,” Kelly said.

Fans can expect “statement-making neon shades that reflect Rico’s bold music and style.”

This is more apparent in the “Neon Rage” palette which has bright shades of green, orange and an electric blue, to name a few. 

The “Neon Rage” palette has six shades that are predominantly shimmery metallics.

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In contrast, fans can expect the unexpected with the 12-shade “LowFi” palette.

Particularly, the palette contained more neutral colors with versatile options that range from chestnut brown to navy and silver.

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

For the ultimate impact and full effect of the shadows, Kelly suggested that buyers use their fingers for maximum “pay off” with the metallics.

The liners come in two shades. The black liner is called “Lambo,” while the white shade is called “Hellcat.”

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

Kelly says that this collection should hopefully inspire and appeal to many people.

“All those other weird little girls eyeing some makeup can have a product they can grow up with,” she said.

In an Instagram post, Kelly admitted that she’s been working on the Il Makiage collection for a year.

Kelly is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter from Washington, D.C. that has primarily gained popularity in 2018 from tracks like “Smack a Bitch” and “Poppin.” 

She is signed to Atlantic Records.

The “IPHONE” rapper released several mixtapes, but her debut album, “Nightmare Vacation,” is speculated to drop sometime this year.

Kelly’s collection reflected the things that made her special and an individual amongst other female rappers. 

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

In particular, Kelly became “a fashion and beauty icon thanks to her ever-changing hair color, bold and bright makeup, and edgy clothing choices…,” Teen Vogue reported.

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

On Sept. 3, Il Makiage posted that the palettes are “sleek on the outside” and “mothaf$cking party on the inside,” in an Instagram post.

One reason Kelly said she loves makeup so much is because it helped her to “relax and meditate before a show.”

Courtesy of Rico Nasty’s Instagram

This collection is Kelly’s first-ever makeup partnership.

Many other celebrities have released makeup brands or collections this year, such as Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty and NikkieTutorials’ limited edition palette with Beauty Bay.

“It’s just about being creative and bringing that virtual vividness—I don’t think it has anything to do with gender or being gay. It doesn’t matter. You can be straight and you can put on eyeliner. Anybody can do art on their face,” she said.

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