Bizarre Beauty Trends Throughout History

Bizarre beauty trends throughout history

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Throughout history, many people achieved strange looks to adhere to the beauty standard of their time. And if you’re unfamiliar with some of these looks, read this list of bizarre beauty trends throughout history.

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Beetle lipstick

Cleopatra had many beauty techniques and secrets that people emulated throughout history. And given her limited resources in ancient times, she created a peculiar technique for lipstick. With a mixture of crushed-up beetles (and sometimes ants), red dye, and beeswax, Cleopatra made her version of lipstick. Though lipstick isn’t as unusual today, the early beginnings of this makeup product had a “buggy” start.

Original nail polish

A cool thing about the fascinating history of modern nail polish is that Chinese warriors would paint their nails before going off to battles. In addition, notable Chinese dynasties wore nail polish to signify class and high status. And far from the nail polish ingredients we know now, coal, gelatin, beeswax, and flowers were the ingredients of choice. Today, nail polish is a mixture of polymers and solvents that creates different shades and textures.


Did you know that untouched eyebrows were a sign of purity in ancient Greece? Moreover, people saw the unibrow as a sign of intelligence and beauty among women. However, women with naturally thin eyebrows would use a black powder to darken their brows to fit the beauty standard. In extreme cases, some women would create false unibrows by placing goat’s hair on their face and using tree resin to make the hair stick.

Hairline plucking

Before the popular practice of plucking unwanted hairs, medieval England took things to the next level. The ideal beauty standard was an oval face, and ladies could achieve this look by plucking their hairline to showcase a round forehead. Along with hairline plucking, women also accentuated their round faces by plucking their eyebrows to further dramatize the beauty look.

Rainbow freckles

The bizarre beauty trends throughout history don’t stop at ancient and medieval times. In fact, one strange trend in modern times is rainbow freckles. People can add a splash of color to their faces by dabbing dots of liquid lipstick on their noses and cheeks. This out-of-the-box beauty trend is creative and a bit weird!

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