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On Monday, Nov. 12 comic book icon Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95. Over his lifetime Lee had created or co-created hundreds of iconic characters inspiring generations. 

Lee frequented events and comic conventions where he loved interacting with fans. After his passing fans recalled their favorite memories with the artist. The following is one of those stories. 

Chris Michael Wallace had met Lee three times, twice in 1998 and once in 2012.

“He couldn’t have been more friendly, more approachable, more accommodating,” Wallace said over Twitter. “If I was a little overbearing upon being face to face with him, he didn’t show it.”

Chris Michael Wallace and his signed copy of Spider-Man Kingpin featuring Stan Lee’s autograph. Photo courtesy Wallace

In 2012, Wallace wanted to talk to Lee about his friendship with Michael Jackson, who was another longtime favorite of Wallaces, and the comic book icon was more than willing.

According to Wallace, Lee and Jackson enjoyed a great friendship.

“He considered MJ a kindred spirit and great to be around,” Wallace said.

Wallace stated his kids were a little star struck when they met Lee but said the face of Marvel was beyond cool.

“I grew up with this larger than life view of him but he was really down to earth and funny,” Wallace said. “He seemed like someone you could hang out with.”

Wallace is an indie comic creator and said Lee was an inspiration to him. 

“He was the single biggest inspiration in my going into the field,” Wallace said. “If not for him I would probably never have developed the level of passion that I have for the craft.”

Wallace stated that he unfortunately never successfully took a photo with Lee.

“In ’98 I couldn’t get the camera working,” Wallace said. “In 2012 I could afford to get either a signature or a picture but not both. The guy behind me snuck and shot a video, which he promised to send me but never did.”

Wallace said he wished he had thought to ask him something more poignant than what Michael Jackson was like.

Featured image courtesy Esquire. 

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