Taking to the polls

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Last Tuesday, Nov. 6, millions of Americans took to the polls exercising their right to vote in this years midterm election. According to Time, an estimated 113 million Americans voted this election season making 2018 a record year for voter turnout.

A sign to a polling station. Photo by Leon Brocard

According to The United States Election Project, 49.2% (roughly 115,873,500) of eligible voters cast their ballots last Tuesday.

FairVote reports that voter turnout in the United States fluctuates in National Elections. In recent years about 60% of the eligible population cast their ballots in presidential elections and about 40% vote during midterms. Turnout also wavers by state.

The Daily Planet set out to see what the publics reactions were with the midterm elections. The following is an interactive poll allowing us to see how our readers reacted to the 2018 midterm elections.

Featured image: “The polls are open” by Mark Gunn

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