Trump doesn’t get off “Scott Free”

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On Monday Dec. 2, President Trump took to Twitter storming about his hopes for a long prison sentence toward former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen struck a plea deal with special council Robert Mueller. Cohen admitted he lied to Congress regarding a Trump Tower Moscow project.

Trump blighted Cohen’s admission, accusing him of doing “TERRIBLE” things. Trump also stated Cohen should serve a full prison sentence.

“’Michael Cohen asks judge for no Prison Time,’” Trump’s tweetstorm began. “You mean he can do all of the TERRIBLE, unrelated to Trump, things having to do with fraud, big loans, Taxis, etc., and not serve a long prison term? He makes up stories to get a GREAT & ALREADY reduced deal for himself, and get….. his wife and father-in-law (who has the money?) off Scott Free.”

Of course Trump meant to write the centuries old phrase “scot-free,” yet his typo blunder started an internet buzz with one question on everyones mind: Who Is Scott Free?

As the world stumbled for answers, DC Comics’ fans thoughts went directly to the New God character, Mister Miracle, whose alias is Scott Free.

Who is Scott Free?

Mister Miracle. Photo courtesy of DC Comics

Scott Free, also known as Mister Miracle by most DC Comics fans, is a protagonist who has defied tremendous odds.

According to DC Comics’ website, Scott Free was raised on Apokolips where he experienced near constant pain and suffering in his early life. Despite this brutality and violence he endured, Miracle’s will never broke and he never gave up hope. Free dreamed of escape. But to escape the unescapable, he needed a miracle—so he became Mister Miracle. Scott Free first appeared in 1971 within the pages of Mister Miracle no. 1.

A DC Comics article on Mister Miracle as shown on their website

In order to stop the destructive and long-waged war between New Genesis and Apokolips, the benevolent Highfather agreed to a gesture of peace: he would exchange sons with Darkseid, effectively condemning his child to the hells of Apokolips. Darkseid turned Scott over to Granny Goodness’s “Orphanage,” where he was subjected to countless horrors and torture in an effort to destroy the goodness inside him, but Scott refused to surrender his innocence. Never physically powerful, Scott instead began training his mind—mentally distancing himself from the pain and sharpening his reason, logic and problem-solving abilities—turning him into an unparalleled and cunning thinker. When he finally made his escape, he succeeded through brain and not brawn, leaving behind the terror of Apokolips for life on Earth as the super hero Mister Miracle.

Mister Miracle shares a close and romantic relationship with his fellow New God Big Barda. The two met on Apokolips and quickly fell in love, despite their contrasting personalities. While Barda loves to fight and relishes battle, Scott is more peaceful and kind and simply wants to fit in and lead a normal life, much to Barda’s chagrin. Their contrasting personalities but deep love for one another gives them one of the most unique relationships in the DC Universe.

Like all New Gods, Mister Miracle possesses beyond superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina and more. Along with his natural gifts, Mister Miracle carries a number of weapons and advanced Apokoliptian technology, including a Mother Box that can transfer energy, sense danger and life, create force fields, project shock-waves and open boom tubes for travel. He also utilizes personally modified Aero Disks that allow him to fly at speeds of over 200 mph and cling to walls and ceilings. Incredible intelligent and resourceful, Mister Miracle is most impressively known as the world’s greatest escape artist, with the ability to escape from literally anything—even death.

Featured image courtesy of Matt Johnson

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