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Cell phone waiting lot expands to meet increased demand, says MSP

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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) has stated that they have recently repurposed the taxi pre-holding lot on Post Road to create a second cell phone waiting lot at the airport.

The new lot, titled the “East Cell Phone Waiting Lot,” will add approximately 100 parking spaces to complement the existing lot, now known as the West Cell Phone Waiting Lot, which offers parking for 40.

Motorists visiting MSP to pick up arriving passengers are encouraged to park in these designated waiting areas until their party is ready on the terminal curb. There is no fee to wait in the cell phone lots.

Map provided by MSP

The expanded capacity is intended to relieve traffic and congestion near the terminal, which enhances safety and eliminates the need for drivers to circle the airport while waiting for their party to deplane and collect their baggage.

The East and West lots are located 0.2 miles apart on the south side of Post Road, conveniently positioned between Terminals 1 and 2 for quick access.

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