15: HIT (Superman and Lois In Cold Blood and Too Close to Home)

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In this episode Sara covers episodes 3 and 3 of the third season of Superman and Lois. “In Cold Blood” and “Too Close to Home” both shine a light on Lois Lane in a way we’ve never seen before. Hear her thoughts on these awesome episodes.

Also, in the episode, Sara talks about the news that Superman and Lois will end with season 4 and she pays tribute to the late Phyllis Coates.

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Sara Brooke Christian

Sara Brooke Christian is a writer and scholar. She is the founder of Dreams and Screams, a production company centered around cryptids, ghosts, and aliens that produces radio shows, podcasts, and travel guides. Her favorite alien hails from the planet Krypton and her favorite character of all time is Lois Lane. She also collects Lois Lane comics and merch when she isn’t writing plays and hosting podcasts.

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