Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths (Red Skies Finale)

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Host Anthony Desiato and guest Jermaine Exum (aka “Lord Retail” of Acme Comics) dig into the most recent—but surely not last—Crisis event: “Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths” by Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere, featuring the return of Pariah and the restoration of the original Pre-Crisis multiverse.

This is the FINALE of “Red Skies,” a 13-part podcast epic mining DC Comics’ Crisis-level, status quo-altering events.

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Digging for Kryptonite is a Flat Squirrel Production. Key art by Gregg Schigiel and theme music by Basic Printer.

Anthony Desiato

Anthony Desiato, owner and founder of Flat Squirrel Productions, is a lifelong Superman fan, documentary filmmaker, and podcast host who has been chronicling the culture of comic shops for the past decade. Projects include the films My Comic Shop Documentary and My Comic Shop Country, as well as the podcast series My Comic Shop History and Digging For Kryptonite.

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