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Burnsville sees unusual raccoon behavior

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BURNSVILLE— Burnsville Animal Control has reportedly seen a recent increase in raccoons that are behaving oddly, according to officials.

These raccoons have been observed to be staggering, experiencing seizures, unafraid of their surroundings and allowing people to approach them, or laying/slumped for an extended period of time. People are advised to stay away from raccoons or any wildlife they encounter, and to protect children and pets from approaching wildlife.

In the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 6, Burnsville Police received early information about these reports from animal control. Burnsville Animal Control has noticed an unusual number of sick raccoon reports since July 2023 with 39 reports to date. In comparison, Animal Control had 17 reports in 2022. The location of these reports has been widely spread across the city of Burnsville.

Two raccoons were recently taken to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Clinic. One animal tested positive for distemper and salmonellosis. The test results for the second raccoon were uncertain but the raccoon may have died from salmonellosis.

If you encounter a raccoon that does not run away from people or other animals, or any wildlife displaying abnormal or concerning behavior in the city, call Burnsville Animal Control at 952-894-3647. The City of Burnsville contracts animal control services through American Boarding Kennels.

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