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Minneapolis enforcing ordinance prohibiting public assistance discrimination in housing

The City of Minneapolis is educating renters and property owners about the City’s ordinance prohibiting public assistance discrimination in housing. The ordinance is now in effect and enforceable after years of legal challenges.

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MINNEAPOLIS— The Minneapolis Civil Rights Department is “educating renters and property owners” about the City’s ordinance prohibiting public assistance discrimination in housing, including against those with Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. The ordinance is now in effect and enforceable after facing years of legal challenges.

The housing discrimination amendments to the civil rights ordinance, approved by the City Council in March 2017, prohibit property owners from denying public assistance participants the opportunity to apply for available housing, or refusing to rent to potential renters because they use public assistance to pay their rent or because of the requirements of a public assistance program. The amendments also prohibit property owners from imposing unique rental standards or otherwise treating potential public assistance renters differently from other renters.

Families in Minneapolis who participate in public assistance programs face an especially challenging task of finding affordable housing in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority reports that it provides housing subsidies to approximately 8,550 families across Minneapolis.

How to submit a complaint 

Renters who believe they have faced discrimination because of their use of public assistance should contact the Civil Rights Department. How to file a complaint:

  • Call 311 or 612-673-3012.
  • File an online complaint form.
  • File a complaint in person at the Civil Rights Department, City Hall, 350 S. 5th St. Room 239.

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