Being a ‘Lois & Clark’ fan outside the USA (with Daniela Rod and Stuart Mulrain)

"Judas priest!"

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In our second and final special episode celebrating 30 years of “Lois & Clark”, Rob is joined by long-time listeners and friends of the show Daniela Rod and Stuart Mulrain—both of whom watched and loved “Lois & Clark” outside the USA.

We discuss our different experiences with the show, how it resonated with us and how uniquely different the show’s marketing was in the UK especially (where it wasn’t even called ‘Lois & Clark’!). 

And we get Daniela and Stuart’s Top 5 episodes! Top 5 moments! And of course their Top 5 GOOFY GUYS. 

Thanks to Shawn Allen for our music and Aaron Price for our show logo. Social media poster designed by Rob O’Connor.

Alan Burke

Alan has an extensive knowledge and passion for comic book literature and the legacy of Superman in particular. Alan is an avid collector of rare comic book and film memorabilia and believes that comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the equivalent of a modern day mythology. Alan believes that fictional comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the modern day equivalent to the Gods of ancient mythology.

Rob O'Connor

By day, Rob O’Connor is a TV producer working in Ireland on a number of successful series. By night, Rob keeps his horizons broadened with a steady diet of 90s teen dramas, video games and superhero comics. The phone won’t stop ringing.

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