#39 — SUPERMAN LIVES — Looking back at the great unmade Superman movie

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“You and me get Superman, wanna know why? ‘Cause we’re from the streets.”

Rob and Alan pore through all three drafts of the legendary never-made film “Superman Lives,” examining each draft’s huge differences and quirky charms. What surprising similarities do these scripts have with later Superman films? Would Nicolas Cage have triumphed as the Man of Steel or would he have gone down in history as the greatest miscasting in comic book cinema? Why a giant spider? What exactly did Jon Peters think Superman was? How great would the Kenner toyline for this film have been? Stay till the VERY end for this one!

PLUS! Alan and Rob discuss going to see “Superman in Concert” in Dublin.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction, Superman in Concert review
  • 00:16:00 – Kevin Smith’s career in review
  • 00:28:50 – SUPERMAN LIVES by Kevin Smith (the draft most like normal Superman comics)
  • 00:38:40 – SUPERMAN LIVES by Wesley Strick (the craziest Tim Burtoniest draft of them all!)
  • 00:47:28 – SUPERMAN LIVES by Dan Gilroy (the version that might have actually gotten made)

Alan Burke

Alan has an extensive knowledge and passion for comic book literature and the legacy of Superman in particular. Alan is an avid collector of rare comic book and film memorabilia and believes that comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the equivalent of a modern day mythology. Alan believes that fictional comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the modern day equivalent to the Gods of ancient mythology.

Rob O'Connor

By day, Rob O’Connor is a TV producer working in Ireland on a number of successful series. By night, Rob keeps his horizons broadened with a steady diet of 90s teen dramas, video games and superhero comics. The phone won’t stop ringing.

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