Spiritual Symbols That Can Focus Your Meditation Practice

Spiritual symbols that can focus your meditation practice

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Meditation is a powerful practice of self-reflection and freeing the mind of everyday chatter. If you struggle to focus your meditation practice in a positive way, consider incorporating spiritual symbols with special meaning.

This quick guide will hopefully inspire you to seek higher consciousness and be more mindful in your daily meditations. Consider adding these symbols to your spiritual practice and attach your own meaning to them.

The seven chakras

Your body comprises seven energy centers, or chakras, which govern specific functions in your mind-body connection. Meditating on your chakras to bring them into balance can help you find emotional tranquility and encourage a healthy lifestyle when combined with other positive habits.

The seven chakras, in ascending order, are as follows:

  • Root: Physical stability and grounding
  • Sacral: Creativity and physical pleasure
  • Solar Plexus: Confidence and self-esteem
  • Heart: Compassion, connection, and love
  • Throat: Truthful communication
  • Third Eye: Imagination and intuition
  • Crown: Intelligence and connectedness to the world

As you grow more familiar with your chakras and learn to bring them into alignment, you can use a bracelet or string of chakra beads as a visual guide.


You may have seen mandalas in spiritual spaces before, whether in spiritual jewelry or detailed coloring books. These circular patterns help bring focus to the endless spiritual journey of life; the focus is not on the destination but on the experience.

The spiritual history of the mandala is rich and diverse, originating with early Buddhist monks who created and carried them as symbols of enlightenment. To incorporate mandala imagery into your meditation, focus on the outer edge of the circle and allow your eyes to drift slowly toward the center. You can even take a hands-on approach by coloring in the design as you focus on your journey and connection to the universe.

Aum (or Om)

Do you find the repetition of mantras helpful in your daily meditation? The aum, or om, symbol represents the divine and constant energy of the universe. Some yogis believe that “aum” was the first word ever spoken, and the repetition of the sound mirrors the energy of the cosmos.

Bring the aum symbol into your sacred space as a reminder to focus on your mantra during your daily meditation. Whether you repeat the aum sound itself or create your own personal mantra, focusing on that symbol will help keep your mind from wandering.

Lotus flower

The lotus is a common symbol for yoga, but it’s also a powerful reminder of the cycle of transformation in life. The roots of the lotus begin in dark, muddy water—yet they persevere as they grow and bloom into a beautiful flower above the surface.

Incorporate lotus imagery into your meditation practice if you are in the midst of a difficult or traumatic life experience. The blooming petals will remind you to persevere through the muddy waters of your own life because transformation and recovery await you at the end of the cycle.

If you are having difficulty focusing your meditation practice, incorporate these spiritual symbols to guide you. Keep physical imagery that holds special meaning to you in your sacred space, and soon you’ll find yourself gravitating towards meditation as an empowering daily habit.

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