Fun Virtual Family Reunion Ideas To Try Out

Fun virtual family reunion ideas to try out

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With so many extended family members, keeping track of everyone isn’t easy! Fortunately, social media has made it easier to connect with and discover family members we never knew about until someone mentions them or we stumble across them on a family-tree-building website.

The internet is becoming a common place to stay connected with family and even host family reunions. If you’re planning to host a virtual family reunion, here are fun ideas to try out.

Test out your family’s trivia knowledge

Whether it’s trivia to test how well everyone knows each other or general questions about pop culture, this game is always great to drum up some friendly competition. This game will surely bring everyone together, especially if there are no plans yet to have an in-person gathering. Get creative with teams by assigning team members by last name, oldest to youngest, or coast to coast.

Perform a science experiment together

There is something about STEM that tingles the brain and bonds families together. If you’re itching for a unique way to celebrate family from every part of the world, try a science experiment.

Science is fun and interactive, and it’s always enjoyable to learn! You could also plan one around a holiday, such as growing overnight heart crystals for Valentine’s Day or light-up cards for all the moms on Mother’s Day.

There is no end to the fun of science experiments! Get your family together and plan something exciting to do that’s sure to form stronger bonds and memories together while bringing smiles to faces across various screens.

Build a family tree and watch old home movies

The other fun thing to do with the family at a virtual gathering is to build a family tree together and watch home movies—don’t forget the popcorn! Together, use a family tree-building website to trace back and make connections to relatives until you find where your line begins.

Building a family tree creates better connections to past and present relatives, helps you remember birthdates, and lets you explore your family origins.

On top of building a tree, consider hosting a virtual movie night where you can share old family videos with the whole family. While you might not be together, you can still share in the oohs, ahhs, and laughs.

As you prepare for the next virtual family reunion, consider the activities you’d like to do first. There are many ways to bond and connect with family members online, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

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