4 Things People Don’t Know About the Plumbing Industry

4 things people don’t know about the plumbing industry

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Individuals in the plumbing industry are responsible for instances when the plumbing of a specific area has issues. While most people understand the broad concept of plumbing, there are multiple things that people may not be aware of.

Below are four things that most people don’t know about the plumbing industry. Reading them will help you understand your local plumber’s work.

Training is serious for a plumber

Fixing a pipe and installing a new toilet tank may sound easy to most, but plumbers need extensive training before reaching this point. The average plumber will go through a four- to five-year apprenticeship program before they’re eligible to receive a license for independent work. The requirements for a license may vary, but an exam is normally mandatory to prove you understand the workings of plumbing systems and how to resolve problems.

Moving up to a Master Plumber license will take years of experience to qualify for and will also require a test of knowledge and skills. Plumbing is serious work and requires a thorough understanding of the subject.

Plumbers use more tools than you think

The tools of a plumber’s trade will include items like wrenches, snakes, flashlights, and hacksaws. But something people don’t know about the plumbing industry is that these are only a few examples of the tools that a plumber uses. Besides the previously listed tools, plumbers also employ the following:

  • Thread sealing tape for fixing broken pipe threads
  • An inspection camera to view the pipe’s interior
  • PEX pipe expanders to expand plastic pipes

As pipes often need sealing, plumbing is one of the common industries that use tubing plugs and caps to stop drains and seal pipes. Plumbers rely on many apps to help them schedule appointments and create contracts with clients. Because of these tools, plumbing work is more complex than most people think. This is why people rely so much on plumbers to fix problems.

There are various types of plumbers

Most people consider plumbing a single job focused on fixing a plumbing system. But what people don’t know about the plumbing industry is that “plumber” is an umbrella term for various occupations. The professionals who work on sinks, toilets, and tubs are sanitary plumbers. These plumbers will unclog pipes, install drain systems, and replace filters.

There are also unique types of plumbers, such as plumbing engineers. They design plumbing systems where water will flow to various building parts for different uses, such as the fire suppression system in sprinklers or water irrigation.

Engineering is closely related to plumbing

The plumbing industry branches out into other industries that deal with public service and maintenance. Occupations like boilermaker or construction worker will deal with different tasks that intersect with plumbing, such as creating the pipe layout or determining how the water heater will connect with a house’s plumbing. Mathematics and applied sciences are necessary components in plumbing, and many occupations share these methods.

Plumbing is an interesting industry that many people rely on. Understanding this industry gives you insight into what plumbers do and all the effort and knowledge that goes into their work.

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