DC to celebrate International Women’s Day with variant covers

Special variant covers will reportedly honor powerful female heroes and villains this March, including Martha Kent!

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DC is celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8, with eight variant covers honoring some of the most powerful women in the DC Universe.

Artist Eleonora Carlini drew a touching scene on the cover of “Action Comics no.1053” with the rest of the Super family giving Ma Kent a jacket to match their own.

In her first cover for DC, Jasmin Darnell depicts three of the strongest female characters in comics history, Mary Marvel, Wonder Woman and Nubia, on the cover of “Wonder Woman no.797.” Two famed WildStorm alumnus, Rebekah Isaacs and Carrie Strachan, drew and colored the cover of “WildC.A.T.s. no.5” featuring the team ready for battle.

The full line-up of International Women’s Day variant covers are:

  • “Action Comics no.1053” by Eleonora Carlini on sale March 28
  • “Batgirls no.16” by Lynne Yoshii on sale March 14
  • “Catwoman no.53” by Qistina Khalidah on sale March 21
  • “Harley Quinn no.28” by Cathy Kwan on sale March 28
  • “Justice Society of America no.3” by Maria Laura Sanapo and Laura Martin on sale March 7
  • “Poison Ivy no.10” by Skylar Patridge on sale March 7
  • “WILDC.A.T.s. no.5” by Rebekah Isaacs and Carrie Strachan on sale March 14
  • ​”Wonder Woman no.797″ by Jasmin Darnell on sale March 21

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