How To Avoid a Dry Nose During the Winter

How to avoid a dry nose during the winter

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As the temperatures drop during the dreary winter months, you will notice that your skin suffers and your nasal passage dries out.

Knowing how to avoid a dry nose during the winter prevents you from feeling like you hiked through a desert.

A humidifier

Your best friend for handling the cold, dry air in winter is a humidifier. A humidifier will increase the humidity in the room, relieving nasal congestion. Since the device will add moisture to the air, you must place the humidifier as close to the center of the room as possible and away from the furniture. The additional moisture could lead to rapid mold growth or damage to wooden dressers, chairs, and bed frames if you’re not careful.

Nasal spray

Nasal sprays are almost like a plunger for your nose. After a couple of pumps, the clog is free, allowing you to breathe through your nose. For dryness, saline sprays work well because they moisten your nasal passages while clearing out any dirt or dust. It’s also wise to keep a bottle next to you throughout the night for instant relief.

Petroleum jelly

Dry skin holds no match when it encounters petroleum jelly. This ointment comes in handy to treat your dry skin and nose during the winter. Your feet, elbow, hands, nose, and face can ache after excessive exposure to the chilly air. The irritation and dryness may be more prevalent if you have sleep apnea and require a nasal CPAP mask. So you need to find a way to cure it.

It doesn’t take much petroleum jelly to eliminate nasal dryness, so carefully administrate it on the inner linings of your nostrils. It’s best to use petroleum jelly in moderation because applying it for extended periods could damage your trachea, leading to irreversible lung damage.

Baby wipes

If it works well for a baby’s skin, you know you can count on baby wipes to soothe your skin. Baby wipes work better than other moist towelettes because they can clean sensitive skin without leading to over-drying. Wetting a facial tissue and dabbing the linings of your nose can also provide instant relief, but it’s not as long-lasting.

A steamy shower

A lengthy sauna or steam is a more untraditional option to help your nose. Since not everyone has access to either of these options, a hot shower can replicate the treatment in some capacity. Kneeling your head under a stream of hot water in your sink may also provide pain relief.

These helpful tips can help you avoid a dry nose during the winter. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you can’t inhale through your nose, so don’t hesitate to give these ideas a shot.

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