Plastic Industrial Storage Tanks: Uses and Applications

Plastic industrial storage tanks: uses and applications

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Although you’ve seen them everywhere, you’ve probably never given much thought to plastic industrial storage tanks. You likely dismiss them as part of the general urban or suburban landscape. However, there are dozens of uses for industrial plastic storage tanks.

So let’s look at some plastic industrial storage tanks and their uses and applications. You’ll probably be surprised by how versatile they are.

Water storage

This is one of the most common uses for industrial plastic storage tanks.

In addition to simple tap water storage, you can use them to harvest rainwater by teaming them up with a downspout. They’re also invaluable in rural areas where wells are common. There, they provide a secondary alternative water source.

They can also store all sorts of forms of water, such as saltwater, wastewater, snow, etc. They provide an instant supply for cleaning, cooling, and so on, which helps explain why they’re so common.

Chemical storage

Polyurethane tanks are even more crucial in many industrial settings for chemical storage. Their primary benefit is that they don’t corrode or rust, which is a critical requirement in many industries.

They can safely store pharmaceutical materials, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals. Still, it’s vital to match the size and strength of the container material to whatever you’re using it to store. You must also put foolproof gaskets and seals on them to prevent leaks.

Fuel storage

Storing fuel is every bit as tricky and potentially dangerous as storing chemicals. However, non-corrosive plastic containers can handle just about any fuel type, from diesel, natural gas, and heating oil to more unusual fuels like butane and ethanol.

Oil storage and the separation issue

Separation occurs when you store certain kinds of oils over time. If you flush these oils down a drain, then the fat they contain can accumulate in pipes and drains, which can cause blockages.

Some facilities use a second plastic tank as a separator to keep separation from happening. These tanks effectively work as interceptors, storing the oil while it separates so that the final products are easier to dispose of effectively.

Other uses

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there are dozens of other uses for plastic industrial storage containers, including storing cleaning solutions, fermented liquids like beer and cider, animal feed, and so on. But before you can make any quick decisions on that, you’ll need to choose the right size and type of industrial plastic tank for all your needs.

We’ve covered lots of ground on the uses and applications of plastic industrial storage tanks and why they’re important. So you might consider investing in one.

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