3 Effects of Hard Water on Your Appliances

3 effects of hard water on your appliances

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Hard water can have a disastrous effect on your home. This is unacceptable since your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. Hard water is a common issue in most homes.

Some signs of hard water are obvious, but others are completely out of sight—and for some people—out of mind. What are some of the major effects of hard water on your appliances? Read on to find out more.

Clogged, dirty pipes

When you have hard water, more minerals can leech onto the insides of your pipes. This can occur in almost all appliances, but it’s more common in hot water pipes. The ever-increasing presence of scale starts to constrict your pipes’ openings. This reduces the flow of water, decreasing water pressure. If you’ve ever seen hard, scaley deposits at the opening of your shower head, you know how this looks. Usually, people don’t consider this problem until pressure builds up in their pipes and they burst or water pressure has seriously decreased.

Overworked appliances

There are many things you should know about hard water, including that it can contribute to the inefficiencies of your appliances that use water. This includes your dishwasher, water heater, and even your fridge. Hard water can also cause scaling in these appliances, which reduces water flow or creates leaks, and you may need to replace damaged parts. Hard water causes a marked decrease in the life span of an appliance because of wear and tear.

How water softeners can solve it

If you want to protect your appliances, water softeners are the way to go. They soften hard water by using resin beads to draw them away from your water. This process ensures that water doesn’t transport these minerals to your appliances. They can keep your appliances from dealing with the major effects of hard water. Hard water won’t be an issue in your home. You’ll find that there are no streaks on your dishes, your soap lathers well, and your appliances run efficiently.

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