Etiquette Tips for Using a Shared Laundry Facility

Etiquette tips for using a shared laundry facility

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There are many reasons communities share laundry facilities, from disaster relief living arrangements to charitable services.

Regardless of its purpose, all must follow etiquette to provide adequate services and timely upkeep. Here, we discuss some basic etiquette tips to ensure everyone receives what they need from these laundry facilities.

Be timely while using the facility

To ensure everyone gets a fair shake, be as timely as possible while using the facility. Once a load is ready from one machine, move it onward to the next machine right away. When a load finishes entirely, ensure you’re around so that you can remove your belongings and free up machines for the next user.

One of the best etiquette tips for shared laundry facilities is remaining on site to ensure the timely and prompt movement with each load. This is especially important when the facilities are temporary for community relief efforts.

Leave it cleaner than you found it

A good rule any time you share anything communally is to leave it cleaner than you found it. Not only is this respectful of the services, but it’s respectful to the person who uses the facility after you.

These efforts may include things like cleaning the lint trap, wiping down surfaces you touched, or preparing any sitting spaces for new guests. Regardless of the spatial accommodations, it’s respectful across the board to ensure the facility is ready for the next user.

Try to avoid using multiple units at once

It isn’t polite to claim multiple units at one time. Generally, a portable laundry facility helps the community. Claiming more than one washer or dryer may take from someone else’s ability to use the facility.

Even if you’re the only person around, try to avoid using multiple units simultaneously. Prioritize your loads as a matter of urgency to help mitigate your need for more than one machine.

Plan and prepare accordingly

If you know you’re going to wash your belongings, prepare yourself accordingly with the necessary supplies. While you may find those using the facilities won’t mind sharing, things like detergent, dryer sheets, and lint balls are often expensive. So, prepare yourself with the proper laundry supplies.

You also want to prepare your clothes ahead of time to help reduce the overall time spent in the facility. If you wait to sort your clothes at the time of wash, you will be chipping away from someone else’s time and, ultimately, yours as well.

Following these etiquette tips for shared laundry facilities applies to almost every laundry structure. But when the intent is community relief or assistance, it’s even more important to abide by these basics to ensure everyone receives the help they need.

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