Night Fishing: Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather

Night fishing: Tips and tricks for cold weather

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Whether you live in the frigid north or the warmer-but-still-cooling-down south, it’s always difficult to accept that fishing season is over. That’s why many people simply don’t accept it! Fishing in the cold is a bit trickier than fishing in the spring or summer, and fishing at night brings in a whole new level of challenge.

However, some people actively seek that challenge. If you count yourself in that daring group, read on to learn night fishing tips and tricks for cold weather.

Bait over lures

The first thing to know about fishing in the cold is that fish (and the fish they like to eat) move more slowly. When you drop a lure into the water that moves more quickly than the bait they’re used to, you’re more likely to spook the fish than attract them. It’s better to put live bait on your hook that will wriggle slowly in the water, so the fish you’re after don’t get scared.

In the shallows

Daylight in the shallows is dangerous for bigger fish—waterbirds lurk just above, waiting for fish to venture toward land. At night, however, when the predators of fish are asleep, larger fish hunt in the shallows. This gives you the perfect opportunity to catch bigger fish without needing to go far out on the water.

Because these fish also know that their normal predators aren’t around, they’ll bite more aggressively, giving you a great chance at a catch.

Artificial light

While green fishing lights don’t attract bigger fish themselves, they do attract baitfish. When the baitfish swim excitedly by your artificial lights, bigger fish sense the vibrations and come over to see what’s going on. That’s your opportunity to snag some fish!

Now that you know these tips and tricks for night fishing in cold weather, bundle up and get out onto the dock! You’re sure to catch a few fish while everyone else is asleep.

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