Interesting Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting facts about dogs you probably didn’t know

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You might think you know everything about your favorite furry friend. However, there’s a ton of fascinating information about dogs that might shock even the most knowledgeable owners.

Did you know that a seeing eye dog helped his owner become the first blind man to complete the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail? If that surprised you, keep reading for more interesting facts about dogs you probably didn’t know.

Colors can influence behaviors

You might not think much about your dog’s opinion when renovating your home. However, different colors can affect animals, including your pup. For better or worse, certain hues can influence your pet’s behavior.

This fact often puzzles people, since many believe dogs can only see in black and white. In truth, this myth couldn’t be more wrong. Dogs can perceive various shades of yellow, gray, and blue. Warmer colors tend to stimulate, while cooler tones provide a calming effect.

They have a sense of time

Have you ever wondered how your four-legged friend knows when it’s time to eat? They aren’t psychic or prone to any other mystical powers of prediction; they simply have a sense of time, just like we do!

Most living creatures have something called a “circadian rhythm.” This phenomenon refers to the internal clock that regulates things like hunger and sleep. So, even though your pooch can’t tell time, they can tell when it’s time for their daily walk or when dinner is right around the corner.

Salukis are the oldest breed

Humans have been domesticating dogs for thousands of years. However, it took a while for distinct breeds to develop their specific characteristics. Many experts believe salukis are the oldest dog breed in the world.

Evidence of salukis dates back nearly 5,000 years ago. Archeologists have found proof of their existence in ancient Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. From sketchings on artifacts to portraits on tomb walls, these slender dogs have been around longer than any other established breed!

Dogs went to space before humans

Humans have been in a space race since the mid-1900s. However, it took a while before scientists figured out to launch people safely into the cosmos. Before Lance Armstrong made his famous moonwalk, Russians sent a dog named Laika to the stars.

Laika was a Moscow street dog turned astronaut in the 1950s. She was one of the first animals ever to enter space and the first of any to orbit the Earth. Her participation and eventual death caused an outcry from animal activists everywhere. The government eventually memorialized Laika with a statue near the Moscow research facility.

Dogs really are incredible creatures, and not just for their loyalty and adorable nature. With your new arsenal of interesting dog facts, you can impress all of your animal-loving friends.

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