The Most Common and Preventable Car Maintenance Issues

The most common and preventable car maintenance issues

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The biggest annoyance for many auto owners is bringing in their car for a persistent problem that pops up regularly.

Whether it’s a busted braking system that leads to more expensive repairs or a steering wheel that always feels loose, preventing them does a lot in the long run. To help you out, these are some of the most common and preventable car maintenance issues that you should know about.

Undercarriage rust

One of the last things any car owner wants is to notice rust around and under their vehicle. One of the most affected areas of this is normally the undercarriage. Drivers who experience this annoyance are likely driving in areas with a cold, snowy winter season. This is because the salt on the roads gets underneath the car regularly during this time of the year and corrodes the metal over time. To prevent the effects of salt on your car, it is important to have it cleaned before the weather gets too cold and apply a coat of cavity wax and sealant to protect it.

Brake failure

The rotor discs in your brake system are not immediately noticeable because of their location. However, when you hear squeaks when braking or feel vibrations when trying to come to a full stop, it is time to check them out. However, the best way to prevent situations like that from happening is to change out your brake pads regularly in the first place. The better condition they are in, the less wear they are likely to cause your rotor discs, which allows them to last longer overall. There are plenty of maintenance tips that help extend the longevity of your brake systems to take advantage of as well.

Flat tires

Popping a tire by driving over sharp objects like nails is not something you have much control over. But taking extra precautions to keep your tires in good condition helps prevent blowouts while driving. For this reason, it is important to rotate your tires on schedule to allow the wear they experience to be distributed evenly. Aside from this, it is also important to fix issues related to your suspension system when they lead to your vehicle leaning to the right or left. Issues such as drift cause uneven wear and strain on specific tires that cause damage faster than is preferred.

Your car is complex, to say the least. It’s hard to know what to do to prevent every annoying situation. Hopefully, by considering some of the most common and preventable car maintenance issues, you are better prepared to avoid them for yourself. Your mechanic is sure to miss your regular visits, but you save a good chunk of money with these practices in mind.

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