Unique Jeep Problems You Should Know About

Unique jeep problems you should know about

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There are no substitutes capable of changing the mind of a Jeep owner. Things like gas mileage, modifications, and standard maintenance are factors people consider before buying a car.

However, there are several unique Jeep problems you should know about to stay in the know for what may lie ahead.

Death wobble

The death wobble is a prevalent issue within the Jeep community, and dates back to vintage military Jeeps from the 20th century. The death wobble can occur when driving at 50mph or faster speeds, especially after hitting a bump in the road like a pothole or crater. If you experience a death wobble, it is most often because of an imbalance in the front axle. Fortunately, this issue doesn’t occur with every Jeep model, and is fixable if it happens.

Exhaust leaks

Only a few Jeeps available experience exhaust leaks, and luckily there is a known timeframe. The Cherokee from 1987 to 2001 and the Wrangler from 1991-2006 are the most common to experience this problem.

Sometimes, the exhaust’s manifold develops cracks from continuous cooling down and heating up. You may notice a drastic reduction in gas milage when this issue occurs.

Clogged fuel injectors

If you notice misfires or rocky idling, there may be a clog in the engine’s fuel injector. Sometimes, deposits build up in the injector component, and the fuel flow decreases.

Adding a fuel cleaner can cut back on the amount of build-up and help keep the component clean so the fuel can flow to the engine with ease. If you add the cleaner and the problem persists, it may be time to replace the injector component.

Ignition switch recall

You can send your version of the ignition switch recall to the dealer for a replacement. However, the 2006 and 2007 Cherokees and Commanders in circulation experienced the switch fault.

This issue leads to the vehicle turning off while driving. A certified local Chrysler or Jeep dealership can assist you in fixing this issue if your Jeep is from one of the qualifying years.

Fuel overflow

Another unique Jeep problem you should know about is the overflowing fuel intake. Recently, owners have been experiencing a fuel overflow at gas stations when the gas pump does not turn off, and fuel continues to flow beyond the neck. It’s a perplexing issue for many Jeep owners.

A good rule of thumb is understanding your tank size compared to your gas deficit, and monitor the fill rate to release the neck before the gas overflows. If the gas spills over, ensure you wipe the compartment and side of the Jeep to preserve the paint.

It’s essential to remember that not every issue will occur or damage the overall function of a Jeep. Most problems are repairable and won’t require an extensive rebuild or financial burden.

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