Why people switch back to wired headphones

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You might have recently noticed that people are ignoring their wireless headphones in favor of the wired look. It seems odd, given that wireless headphones are less of a hassle in many ways.

Is this another trait of people looking back into the past, or are there significant reasons? Here are some reasons why people switch back to wired headphones.

Potential dangers

Scientists say that while Bluetooth emits radiation, it’s a nonionizing form that doesn’t contain enough energy to be a significant danger to our health. However, just because Bluetooth has few risks doesn’t mean it comes with no risks at all. The dangers could have the potential to increase when the exposure is greater, like in a classroom with dozens of routers and laptops. As such, it’s out of an abundance of caution that many people are opting to limit their exposure to any potential harm by switching to wired earpieces.

Ease of mind

Wireless devices are still so new, which worries many as there is little research on long-term EMF exposure. When you wear wireless buds for hours on end, this is cause for concern. To ease their minds, many people have started to don their wired headphones.

No charging

One of the biggest reasons people switch back to wired headphones is their ease and simplicity. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you forgot to charge your wireless buds. You never have to worry about or wait for your wired headphones to get a full charge.


Most unsurprising is that many young people use their wired headphones as an accessory piece and bold statement. Wired headphones seem to tie an outfit together and create that effortlessly chic look every young person wants to have. What’s more, younger generations associate wireless headphones with older, less hip, techy people, and they don’t want to associate themselves with that type of brand.

Although many big-time tech companies are doing everything to rid our mobile devices of the 3.5mm jack, younger generations are fighting back. To wear wired headphones is to make a statement of rebellion in the face of companies ushering in a new age of tech.

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