Where To Source Different Metals for Blacksmithing

Where to source different metals for blacksmithing

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Once you have all the tools and a workspace prepared for blacksmithing, you’re probably itching to get started on your craft.

Although, you might be wondering, “Where do I find the smithing materials?” Don’t let a lack of supplies keep you from firing up the forge. Learn where to source different metals for blacksmithing so you can get started on your craft.

Buying new metals online

Buying new metal pieces online is always an option. There are plenty of metal dealers throughout the web, you just need to know which sellers are genuine. Always reach out to a seller for details and even pictures of the materials they’re selling before you buy. This helps ensure that you won’t be left with a product you didn’t ask for—or even with no product at all.

Find a local supplier

One of the best situations for sourcing metal for blacksmithing is when you’re able to find a local supplier. Unlike buying online, when you find a local supplier, you’ll always be able to see the metal parts you’re buying before you pay for them. Try checking your local blacksmithing groups or welding shops to find out where they secured their metal parts.

Flea markets

Another great way to find metal locally is to scope out your local flea markets and yard sales. You might even be lucky enough to find a booth dedicated specifically to selling metal parts. However, you can find many different metallic pieces at these sales, which you can easily melt down yourself in a forge. Many of these sellers often discount their prices as well.

Check your local scrap yard

If you’re looking for good metals to practice smithing techniques with or you’re not as concerned about the quality, check with your local scrap yard. Every piece of scrap metal is different in composition, shape, and size, but scrap metal yards usually supply it in great quantities. You can usually buy used scrap metal for a discounted price, though some sites might even let you walk away with it for free.

Once you know the comparisons between different metals and which ones you’re looking for, use these tips to know where to source different metals for blacksmithing. Once you have a trustworthy and consistent supplier for your metal parts, you’ll have no problem blacksmithing to your heart’s content.

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