Tips for Boosting Your Babysitting Career

Tips for boosting your babysitting career

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In today’s day and age, parents are becoming pickier and pickier about who they choose to watch over their children.

You must increase your competitive advantage to show that you are a viable option. Whether you are looking to make babysitting something more serious or want to do it on the side, here are some tips for boosting your babysitting career.

Put safety first

The most crucial thing that parents check for when searching for a babysitter is safety; they want to know wholeheartedly that their children are safe under your watch. Of course, you know how safe and trustworthy you are, but you must make that more apparent. However you plan to interface with potential clients, make sure to tell them directly and have a bio that states your priorities as a babysitter. What’s even better is to include any qualifications you have; for example, a CPR certification will put you ahead above the rest—and you can quickly get CPR training online.

Become trustworthy

It will be difficult to find jobs if you are relatively unknown because parents don’t know much about you or your background, which can make you hard to trust. Making an effort to increase your all-around trustworthiness is one of the best tips for boosting your babysitting career, and there are a couple of simple ways to do this. Consider starting an Instagram or a website where parents can put a name to a face and learn more about you. As you develop more clients, encourage them to leave reviews. And if you have any current clients, consider reaching out to them and asking them to leave you a review—you can ask them for feedback, too.

Make a good first impression

Keep in mind that your first couple of babysitting excursions with new clients are a test, as the parents and children observe you. Due to this, you must leave the best impression you can. It’s not that you wouldn’t do try to do so every time regardless, but this is something extra important to keep in mind on your first outings. Try to leave the house as spotless as you found it; fluff the pillows, clean any surfaces, and fold and put away linens.

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