Essential Tools for Spray Foam Contractors

Essential tools for spray foam contractors

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Spray foam insulation continues to be popular due to its benefits in homes and business buildings. Many contractors are jumping on board with this form of insulation, and you might be one of them. But do you have all the tools you need before you start scheduling jobs?

Learn the essential tools for spray foam contractors that you’ll need to stock up on before starting.

Spray Foam Rigs

Spray foam rigs collect almost everything you need for a spray foam insulation job in one place. The spray foam rig houses your reactor, air compressor, generator, pumps, and more for mobile spray foam insulation applications. This allows you to efficiently transport everything you need to a spray foam job.

Spare Parts

Your spray foam insulation appointments will require your services all over your local area. Because you’ll be on the go for many mobile projects and jobs, you’ll want to come stocked and bring all the right parts with you. If one of your spray foam rigs experiences an issue or breakdown, you need to have the right parts on hand to fix it fast. Otherwise, you’ll have to reschedule your application date and delay your service. This doesn’t reflect well on your business. So make sure to inspect your spray foam equipment regularly and carry the needed spare parts on hand.

Personal Protective Equipment

There are some safety risks involved with installing spray foam insulation. You need to watch out for these as a contractor. Personal protective equipment (or PPE for short) helps protect you from some of these hazardous conditions. Spray foam PPE typically includes a face shield or goggles, gloves, a bodysuit, a ventilated mask, and a head covering. The purpose of all these layers is to protect the body from unnecessary exposure to spray foam, especially your eyes and lungs. Ensure you have the necessary PPE before you begin a spray foam job.

Now that you know the essential tools for spray foam contractors, you’re ready to stock up your spray foam rig and start taking on jobs.

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