The Most Common Applications for Nickel and Its Alloys

The most common applications for nickel and its alloys

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Nickel and nickel alloys are among the most widespread metals in many applications. This metal continues to grow in popularity because of its many useful features, such as its high corrosion resistance, strength, low weight, and electrical conductivity.

Due to all these properties, nickel fulfills numerous functions in many industries. Discover some of the most common applications for nickel and its alloys.

Construction Industry

Stainless steel is a nickel alloy with incredible strength and high corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it a valuable material for the construction industry. Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals you should know about, and it has many applications in the construction industry. You’ll often find it in bridges, buildings, skyscrapers, and sculptures around the world.

Electronics Industry

Pure nickel is an excellent electrical conductor. As a result, it often finds use in the electronics industry. Some applications for pure nickel include wiring, capacitors, and batteries. Many mobile electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, rely on nickel parts to function properly.

Aerospace Industry

Because nickel alloys are lightweight, sturdy, and can withstand high temperatures, they are excellent materials to use in the aerospace industry. In fact, NASA used nickel-based alloys to protect spacecraft from the sun’s heat. Aerospace engineers often use nickel and its alloys to create turbines, valves, exhaust parts, and other critical components. These parts require strength and corrosion resistance, which nickel provides.

Automotive Industry

When discussing the most common applications for nickel and its alloys, you must mention the automotive industry. Many of the cars you pass on the street every day contain nickel parts and components. The automotive industry uses nickel because its strength, low weight, and corrosion resistance help it contribute to durable and reliable vehicles. It has the ability to handle stress from bumps and other obstacles on the road.

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