Why Every American Household Should Get Solar Panels

Why every American household should get solar panels

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Getting solar panels should be the easiest decision you ever make. If you have a house, then there’s no reason not to get them! As solar panels become more and more accessible, their costs continue to plummet.

Jump in on this money- and planet-saving trend as soon as possible. Read on to learn why every American household should get solar panels.

Helping the Planet

It’s no secret that our planet needs help. Governments are slowly coming around to the idea of climate change, but it won’t be enough if we don’t pull our weight. Solar panels are some of the best upgrades citizens can install to reduce their carbon footprints. The panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter, and even water consumption.

Long-Term Payoff

While solar panels may feel like massive investments, most American households pay off their systems within ten years. When you consider that most solar panels have 25- to 30-year warranties, it’s easy to see the value of a solar system. Once you pay off your investment, you’ll enjoy nearly-free energy for over a decade!

Peace of Mind

If you install batteries with your solar panel system, you don’t need to worry about blackouts. Systems without batteries shut down when the local electric grid does. But if you have batteries, your home will stay heated and powered, as long as your panels pull their weight!

You may wonder when the best time is to make the switch to solar power. While you may be able to save a little money by timing your installation just right, the good news is that solar panels are functional all year. Therefore, there’s no need to schedule everything perfectly to make the most of your system!

Increased Home Value

While this doesn’t matter for everyone, if you think you may move someday, solar panels are a great way to save money in the short term and make money in the long term. If you pay off your panels and start saving, then the added home value that comes when you sell is alsogoing to contribute to those savings. You can pocket an extra $10,000 if you sell your home while your panels are viable!

Now that you know why every American household should get solar panels, you should help the environment (and your wallet) by talking to an installation expert today!

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