Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair

Tips for choosing the right office chair

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The ordinary businessperson or desk-bound fellow would be startled to learn how much time they spend in their office chair.

They’d work for about 1900 hours in a year if they worked 40 hours every week. When you multiply that by the typical number of years a person works, it’s clear that most people occupy an office chair for a significant chunk of their life.

Regardless of this fact, people commonly spend more money on a desk than a chair. The same may be said for office arrangements at home. Some people spend more time in front of the screen than they do sleeping. It only makes sense to have a comfy and supportive office chair for both the business and the home. To help stave off uncomfortable hours in a horrible chair, here are some great tips for choosing the right office chair!

Prioritise lumbar support

A good office chair will provide lower back support. Some of the better ones will even have adjustable lumbar support so that the user may customize the chair to their own lower back. This is critical for reducing back strain, which can increase and lead to sciatica, a terrible ailment.

Test the adjustability

Although almost all office chairs offer height and arm adjustments, these are not the most crucial features to look for when purchasing an office chair. The best office chairs have at least 5 adjustments, and some have as many as 14. Lumbar support, arm breadth and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle, and tension management are all important elements that should be customizable. A hand-held bulb pump controls many of the supports—this control works similarly to a blood pressure cuff pump.

Choose the right wheels for your office

Almost all office chairs have a base with wheels; however, if you have a carpeted office, you may need to acquire a chair with carpet-specific wheels. Reaching across a desk to get items that are out of reach can cause strain, so rolling can help. If need be, you can always invest in a plastic or glass chair mat to help the wheels of your chair function properly.

Select a sturdy swivel base

To give easy access to various portions of the desk, all office chairs should be able to swivel freely. Arm tiredness can come from overextending to reach various items if the chair does not swivel freely.

Consider fabrics carefully

To keep the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable after hours of sitting in it, the fabric should be breathable. It should also have sufficient cushion to support the person sitting on it without allowing the individual to feel the chair’s base through the cushion.

We hope this article gave you some fantastic tips for choosing the right office chair! While you are evaluating your office space, why stop at your chair? If you want to maximize home desk space and increase productivity, customizing your desk is just as important as choosing your chair. Remember that consistent improvement will always be the key to a successful office space!

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