The Most Important Mail Supplies for Your Business

The most important mail supplies for your business

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Does your new e-commerce business have a reliable way to ship packages to customers? If not, then the onus is on you to get it done. All small businesses need to be able to send packages on short notice.

Whether you’re shipping products or returning parts to a vendor, you’ll need the right supplies to get the job done. Use the wrong tape on a package, and it’ll tear open during shipping.

That’s why you must know which shipping supplies work best. Here’s a list of the most important mail supplies for your business.

Gummed paper tape

The last thing you want is for your tape to come undone during shipping. That’s why it’s always a good idea to use gummed paper tape whenever you ship anything.

It has superior strength and durability compared to standard packing tape. Not only that, but the tape forms a secure bond with the box, which reinforces it further. Gummed paper tape is also resistant to humidity and freezing temperatures. That comes in handy if your packages ship through areas with harsh weather.

Corrugated boxes

There’s a reason why most e-commerce stores use corrugated boxes for shipping. It’s because they provide such excellent protection. If you’re shipping fragile products, you’ll want to use corrugated boxes. Also, try and order the smallest size that will fit your items. A snug fit reduces the possibility of damages during transport.

Bubble wrap

Beyond a corrugated box, you’ll need cushioning materials to keep your items safe. The most popular option is bubble wrap due to its protective qualities and affordability. It’s best not to go crazy when applying bubble wrap, as it can add to the weight of your package. Other cushioning materials include packing peanuts and foam.

Poly mailers

If the items you’re shipping aren’t fragile, then you can save money by using poly mailers. These are thin plastic sleeves that can store items. They’re perfect for shipping DVDs, clothing, shoes, books, and more. There are several types of poly mailers, including ones made of bubble wrap.

Dunnage airbags

Now that you have secure packages, you may wonder about what to do with the space between them. It’s common for boxes to shift and bump into each other during shipping. To prevent this, you can use dunnage airbags. You place them between your packages to avoid shifting and collisions.

Key takeaways

Those are the most important mail supplies for your business that we recommend keeping in stock. By having these things, you can ship anything anywhere at any time. You’ll never have to leave a customer or vendor waiting for their package.

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