Russia remains open but ‘not optimistic’ over Ukraine talks

Russian officials are not optimistic but remain willing to keep communication open after the US made no concessions on Ukraine.

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Tensions continue to mount as fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine persist globally. Russia has denied it is planning to invade despite massing an estimated 100,000 troops along the border.

On Thursday, Kremlin officials said there was “little ground for optimism” following the US’s response to Russian demands but remain open to dialogue.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US made no concessions in response to Russia’s two main demands: for the US and allies to curb preparation for an invasion and for Ukraine and other ex-Soviet nations to be denied entry to NATO.

Ukrainian, Russian, German and French diplomats met in Paris on Wednesday and agreed more talks should be held in Berlin in two weeks.

The Biden administration has been in contact with CEOS of liquefied natural gas companies to discuss plans of action should Russia cut off its supply.

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