Russia threatens retaliation if demands aren’t met

Russia threatens retaliation if demands are not met as world leaders continue to prep for potential escalation.

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Tensions continue to mount on Wednesday as fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine persist globally. Russia has denied it is planning to invade despite massing an estimated 100,000 troops along the border. Here’s the latest.

On Wednesday, Russia promised to retaliate if the US and its allies do not curb preparation for an invasion and if Ukraine and other ex-Soviet nations are admitted to NATO.

Russia also warned against imposing personal sanctions on President Vladimir Putin, saying they would not hurt him but would be “politically destructive” after President Biden said on Tuesday he would consider such a move.

Ukrainian leaders tried to calm those living in their country by reassuring them that, while the threat of Russian invasion is real, it is not imminent.

The US has put around 8,500 troops on “high alert” to be ready to deploy to Eastern Europe, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on Monday.

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