4 Ways To Upsell Pedicures in Your Salon

4 ways to upsell pedicures in your salon

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Nail salons offer an array of services, including manicures and pedicures. However, some people only opt for manicures, and this can lead to low pedicure sales and wasted material.

Fortunately, we have four ways to upsell pedicures in your salon. These practices can help your business thrive.

Create a pedicure that targets your clients’ needs

Many nail salons offer one-size-fits-all pedicures that they use on every client. However, you can upsell pedicures by targeting your client’s needs. Perhaps your client has dry skin with thick calluses. You can promote a hydrating pedicure that will soothe their feet. In addition, you can market this treatment as a relaxation-focused service that goes beyond painted toes.

Casually mention your pedicure service

In general, people don’t like pushy or overbearing salespeople. Therefore, when it comes to upselling, just casually mention your pedicure service. For example, while giving a client a manicure, you can say, “We also offer great pedicures,” or “If you have time today, I would love to give you a pedicure that complements your nails.” This casual mention may lead to the additional service or at least a client consideration for their next trip to your salon.

Promote specialty pedicures

People enjoy pampering year-round. However, you can promote specialty pedicures that can entice clients to receive this service. In the summer, you can advertise a “tropical-themed” pedicure with a coconut-scented foot lotion, or you can promote a “winter-themed” one with a dry skin foot scrub. Regardless of your choice, it’s essential to have all the pedicure tools for your salon to fulfill all your pedicure services.

Listen to your clients and offer deals

Listening to your clients can help you upsell your services. Light conversation can uncover things about the client’s life and allow you to offer salon-based suggestions. For instance, if your client is going on vacation in a warm climate, you can suggest giving them a pedicure along with their manicure. In addition, you can offer a deal that can entice them to receive this service. For example, you can say, “For $20 extra, you can receive a hydrating pedicure with a complimentary foot and calf massage.”

People often opt for manicures rather than pedicures when choosing from the different services nail salons offer. As a result, salon owners experience low pedicure sales or wasted material. However, by following our four ways to upsell pedicures in your salon, you can better sell this service to your clients!

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