‘Young Justice Phantoms’ — School Bus Theory Update

After last weeks "Young Justice Phantoms" we got a massive clue on what exactly the Magic Bus is! Let's break down the credits and all the clues you could see outside the windows.

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We previously discussed the school bus for “Young Justice: Phantoms” and, although we didn’t have much info then, this past weeks episode of “Young Justice” gave us some very interesting new details in the credits focused on the kids on the bus.

Let’s take a minute to update our Magic School Bus theory, talk about what we saw out the window, and breakdown the clues in this “Young Justice” season four update!

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  1. You were pretty close with your theories, good job. So has anyone else noticed it picked up on the multiple references to the multiverse in this season? Klarion made a comment that referenced it when fighting against child, then he referenced it again when he had taken over the school bus and arrived at the rocket and icon scene referencing being split in half and talking about Earth being split in half as in two earths, and then again a reference was made by the bus driver himself when he first saw Dr Fate exclaiming that he saw a photo of Dr Fate and that he was part of the Justice society with zatanna quickly correcting him with the remark”Justice League”. I think they’re gearing up to at least introduce the idea or concept that Young Justice are 16 is one of many.

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