First Look: The (somewhat familiar) horrors of Earth-13

The protectors of the Multiverse find themselves lost on a world of supernatural secrets and mystery in this exclusive first look at "Justice League Incarnate" no. 2.

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There are many wonderful worlds in the DC Multiverse. Earth-26 and its colorfully cartoonish animal heroes. Earth-19 and its steam-driven amazements. Even the tripped-out peace, love and understanding of the psychedelic Earth-47.

But Earth-13 is not one of them. Steeped in the supernatural and existing in a state of perpetual twilight, Earth-13 is home to all kinds of horrors…and, until they’re able to find a way off of it, the heroes of Justice League Incarnate.

“Justice League Incarnate” no. 2 by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Kyle Hotz, Andrei Bressan, Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund and Hi-Fi will be available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, December 21.

In last month’s debut issue of their self-titled new miniseries, the Justice League Incarnate welcomed two new members—the youthful Flash of China and the enigmatic Doctor Multiverse, whose powers allow her to instantly see all the variants of a person existing throughout the Multiverse.

However, it’s entirely possible that their tenure with the team will be very short-lived as the two find themselves stuck on Earth-13 with Calvin Ellis’ Superman, Thomas Wayne’s Batman and Captain Carrot. This world, protected by the unconventional team of magic-powered heroes known as the League of Shadows, is particularly dangerous to non-powered heroes (like Batman) and those who are weak against magic (like Superman…and pretty much everyone else).

It’s also, to put it mildly, really freakin’ scary. In short, exactly the sort of place you do not want to find yourself stuck in without a way home.

But the Justice League Incarnate are experts at navigating the Multiverse. If anyone can navigate Earth-13’s darkness to find the light that’s leading them home, it’s them. The question is…will they get there in time? That’s because while our Earth-13 team is hobnobbing with the League of Shadows’ Hellblazer, the rest of their team is fending off a direct attack by Darkseid’s children. And if there’s one thing scarier than Earth-13, it’s finding yourself at the mercy of Kalibak and Grail.

Check out our exclusive sneak peek at next week’s “Justice League Incarnate” no.2 to see how the battles are going, and make sure to grab the full issue when it hits stores next Tuesday!

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