Top 4 Must-Have Mods for Your Engine Bay

Top 4 must-have mods for your engine bay

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When you’ve spent time and money tricking out your vehicle to provide the best performance possible, it’s a shame when you can’t show off a sleek engine bay, too.

All your essential components are sitting right there, but there’s no pizzazz, no panache! Here are the top four must-have mods for your engine bay.

Wire Tucks

Cable management is tricky under the hood. With everything packed in just right, it can feel like an impossible task to hide wires away, but imagine how amazing it would look if you could! Consider installing some wire tucks. You can hide away the unsightly tangle of wires by installing false panels and sneaking cables under wings and behind your bulkhead.

Silicone Hoses

Rubber is out and silicone is in. Silicone hoses are a no-brainer for any enthusiast, and they offer a wide range of eye-catching colors and far better performance under high pressure and heat. This upgrade goes further than aesthetics, though. Since silicone can stand up better to the wear and tear these hoses must face, you won’t find yourself needing frequent repairs.

Strut Braces

If wire tucks and swapping all your tubing for silicone sounds a little daunting, you should give strut braces a try. This is perhaps the simplest chassis mod, providing increased stability and rigidity for any vehicle while giving you a unique sight under the hood. Installation is quick and easy, and your car will be able to take corners better than ever before.

Wrapped Headers

Like adding strut braces, wrapping your exhaust headers is a simple upgrade that helps a lot. The benefits of wrapping are numerous, but we’ll highlight the most important two: a sleeker appearance and better exhaust performance. Your headers will enjoy a tight, carbon fiber-like look, and your exhaust system will work with hotter gases and better exhaust scavenging.

Now that you know the top four must-have mods for your engine bay, take everything under your hood to the next level.

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