How Automated Parking Benefits the Environment

How automated parking benefits the environment

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One of the biggest challenges involving driving isn’t finding a parking space, it’s finding a way to make cars run cleaner.

But while many internal combustion cars are emitting fewer fumes and electric cars are improving in quality and performance, automatic parking garages are already doing their part to save the Earth. Here is how automated parking benefits the environment.

They Save Space

Parking lots are big, and they usually aren’t the cleanest places around. They absorb heat during the day and make it harder for the surrounding area to cool down at night, especially in the summer. They also see oil and gas spills that can run off into the water supply, and they often force drivers to circle round and round in search of spots, burning gas and risking accidents. Automatic parking facilities, however, make better use of less space. The system itself can park the cars, so there’s no searching for spaces, and therefore fewer emissions.

They Save Energy, Too

Here’s another way that automated parking benefits the environment. Since people don’t have to enter the facility to park, there’s no need to light up the interior of the garage so people can find their way around. That means less electricity use. Likewise, there’s no need for additional heating or cooling since, once again, human beings aren’t walking around the interior. Automated parking facilities can also go even greener by using solar panels for energy.

They’re Built Smart

Automatic parking facilities are smaller than parking lots and especially parking garages. They don’t need to provide ramps and aisles so drivers can find their way to a parking space. And they don’t need to incorporate doors, pedestrian paths, parking control systems, ticket booths, and stairwells. This means they require fewer materials, less land, and much less power during construction.

They Can Be Other Things

As sustainability becomes a bigger and bigger goal, especially in the face of climate change and other environmental issues, it’s clear that cars may face replacement by greater access to public transportation and other alternatives. When that happens, the need for parking will diminish, leaving plenty of parking lots and garages empty. Due to their modern design, however, we can easily convert automatic parking facilities into other types of buildings, like residential structures, business offices, warehouses, and more. To save the planet, we must look to the future. Automatic parking garages are the best choice for the environment.

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