A Guide to the Many Different Types of Trucks

A guide to the many different types of trucks

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Trucks are some of the most popular motor vehicles that you can find on any street in America. Drivers use them for various purposes, and they’re quite comfortable and adaptable.

However, the sheer amount truck types out there can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know them all. With that in mind, here’s a guide to the many different types of trucks.

Pickup Trucks

For the average consumer, pickup trucks are the most common type to consider purchasing when in the market for a large vehicle. Pickups trucks come with a separate cab or frame that opens and can carry whatever you desire.

This is the only truck type on this list that you’d probably use for day-to-day driving, even if you aren’t hauling heavy equipment. That’s why pickup trucks are perfect for small businesses, families, and road trippers.

Refrigerator Trucks

Refrigerator trucks, also known as chillers, come with cooling equipment that keeps food and other items cold while the driver transports them. Most people use refrigerator trucks to move meat, fruit, and other perishable items.

This type of truck is costly because it uses more fuel than other vehicles to control its temperature. The driver can adjust the temperature setting of the refrigerator regardless of where they’re driving.

Tow Trucks

If someone owns a tow truck, they most likely work for a towing company. Drivers use these vehicles to recover or move other automobiles that they’re impounding. Tow trucks can also pull away cars parked where they shouldn’t be or that have become stranded.

Additionally, these trucks can tow away the vehicles of drivers who break the law or cause accidents. Although other types of trucks can transport cars, tow trucks are the most common for this purpose.

Tanker Trucks

Companies use tanker trucks to transport liquids, gases, and other materials. In particular, they use tanker trucks to move oil, water, gas, fuel, or even industrial chemicals. You can identify a tanker truck by the cylindrical tank that it pulls. These tanks are often chrome or white.

Box Trucks

A box truck may also be called a cube truck. But no matter what you call it, it’ll have a cabin with an enclosed space for storing and carrying cargo. Manufacturers mount the box on a frame that separates it from the driver, but some box trucks have a door that connects these two areas. There are many businesses that use box trucks, such as moving companies, shipping companies, and more.

Overall, we have barely scratched the surface with all the different truck types. Hopefully, this guide to the many different types of trucks makes you appreciate how useful this vehicle is today.

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