‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ deemed a ‘huge success,’ fans react

A recent case study by Home Brew determined "Zack Snyder's Justice League" to be a "huge success" social media wise, and some fans of the Director's cut react to the news.

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Full service digital marketing agency Home Brew has recently released a data survey determining “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” which premiered earlier this year on HBO Max, as a huge “success.”

According to their site, Home Brew partnered closely with HBO Max for the release of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

“Tasked with driving awareness and subscriptions to the platform, we developed a holistic digital marketing strategy, content rollout plan, and community management approach to successfully engage the extremely passionate, worldwide fan base,” Home Brew said in a statement. “With an always-on audience, we monitored online conversations constantly and adjusted our strategies in real-time to earn the highest engagement on our digital content and activations, resulting in over 20,000 social posts from global audiences every day for over 60 days.”

Home Brew reportedly served as an extension of the HBO Max marketing team, garnering an extraordinary amount of proof that determines much of the platforms success is owed to the Snyder fandom.

According to their report, 34.7 billion impressions were made on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, three leading social media platforms. 280.6 million engagements also took place across those three networks. The report concludes that “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” garnered a huge record breaking number of social media posts correlating with the directors cut.

Home Brew stated that they focused their marketing efforts in community involvement.

“Knowing the strength and power of fans’ voices in this campaign, we approached our fan engagement as a key element to our campaign strategy,” Home Brew said. “By developing personal relationships with individual followers, influencers, and moderators on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter, we activated fans organically by seeding content via DMs and challenging them to dissect our content for larger payoffs.”

Fans applauded the acknowledgment and cheered the numbers, but most felt efforts were mainly made by Snyder fans personally.

A fan known as “Geralt of SnyderVerse” got involved in the movement following the 2017 theatrical release of “Justice League.”

“I came to know about its existence because of Fiona, the founder of the movement,” Geralt said. “I joined it because I wanted to see the true vision of Zack Snyder for the DC Extended Universe. I didn’t go to see the theatrical version in 2017 because I knew it was a studio butchered project when they mandated the two-hour runtime, but I didn’t know Zack had a cut of the movie. Thanks to Fiona, and ‘@RTSnyderCut,’ we joined and from there, never took a day off.”

Geralt said he was unaware of HBO Max’s campaign with Home Brew because fans appeared to be doing everything.

“Fans did all the promotions,” Geralt said. “Fiona, the hub account, and I, organized the dates for the release of promos and all other stuff.”

According to Geralt, fans had several trending events to hype every little release related to the movie.

“I don’t know when they came into all this,” Geralt said. “As far as my knowledge is concerned I believe they just monitored the performance over social media platforms.”

A Superman (Henry Cavill) with Director Zack Snyder on the set of “Batman vs Superman”

Clark Joe, who reported on the Snyder Cut’s analytics for us back in May, said he was blown out of the water when #RestoreTheSnyderVerse began trending with 1.5 million tweets on March 26, 2021, after the HBO Max release of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

“I remember that day the trend being quite organic, and then pushed by the fan base too,” Joe said. “It is almost impossible to get those numbers without the fanbase — and the movie — having reached a wider audience.”

According to Joe, he was a big fan of Snyder’s DC films.

“I was longing for the Snyder Cut,” Joe said. “However, I saw that whole campaign from the sidelines. Once the Snyder Cut was announced my excitement jumped so much that I decided to join twitter actively and promote ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League.'”

Joe said he interacted with many other fans who shared in his passion for the SnyderVerse.

“There are many others like me,” Joe said. “Big fans that were touched by these movies and with a passion to promote on Twitter this universe, tell friends, tell them about the story behind these movies, etc. I was not hugely surprised with this [report’s findings].”

Joe said the fanbase is passionate about the story Zack and his crew were telling and want to continue to show their support.

“I think these numbers, in a lot of ways, reflect this… plus the quality of the movie that we got — also combined with a beautiful story of how it got finally released.” Joe said. “I really feel grateful to have this movie and be part of the Twitter community that love this trilogy of Snyder DC movies.”

Director Zack Snyder. Photo courtesy of Warner Media

Registered ICU Nurse from Chicago, Illinois, who is well known as Catt, said the case study is very put together.

“It feels good to finally see the media acknowledge our influence and the success of our movement,” Catt said. “This film has been out for eight months without any real numbers of how well it did. All films usually have opening numbers a week or two after it’s release. We never got that until now.”

Catt agreed that the ratting reports being delayed has been frustrating saying “we felt like them not acknowledging the numbers was another way for them to try to silence us.”

The “them” Catt was referring to was studio executives at Warner Bros.

“I feel like the current management of WB don’t fully listen to the fans,” Catt said. “They appear to the have some petty issues with a certain director. I’m hoping for future management to act like true professionals with a more fair-minded and logical perspective on what the fans really want.”

Ben Affleck as Batman with Director Zack Snyder on the set of “Batman v Superman.” Image courtesy of WB

Rachel Kavanagh, from Dublin, Ireland, said she wouldn’t put the report “down to the studio involvement.”

“I think as the fans voices began to get louder on social media, and in public too, who can forget the plane flying over WB, the studio had no other option to deny its existence anymore, especially with the 2019 November 17 trend event,” Kavanagh explained “Up until that point it was really a ‘does exist/doesn’t exist’ argument that was picking up a lot of negative media, but we persisted and that day was a huge win.”

According to Kavanagh, the fans organized a lot of media campaigns in the lead up to this film.

“If you didn’t know about Zack Snyders Justice League before the May 20, 2020, chances are it 100 percent showed up on your twitter feed from that day forward,” Kavanagh said. “Home Brew knew that they had a massive vocal audience to play with. Every poster, every teaser, every trailer, and we were trending on every social platform. They knew one post, one tweet, and we’d react. It was almost too easy for them. The statistics are there, the numbers, the maths, I’m just glad that unlike others, Home Brew had no issue in releasing them.”

Warner Bros. has been unusually quiet when it comes to “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” spending resources elsewhere with marketing other films and projects. The studio has also stood mostly quiet when accusations against main executives and Joss Whedon have surfaced throughout the campaign.

Geralt stated that he still isn’t a fan of Warner Bros. after their treatment of Zack and Deborah Snyder following their decision to step down from “Justice League” when their daughter, Autumn, died by suicide.

Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman with Director Zack Snyder on set of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” Image courtesy of Clay Enos / HBO Max

“The man suffered the biggest loss as a father and the studio brought someone else without his knowledge and changed the script,” Geralt said. “Also, the 2017 version kinda put a bad name to Snyder’s DC filmography. A lot of DC fans blamed him. Even the studio lied about the 2017 version still being his film [saying] that there is no Snyder Cut.”

Warner Bros. brought “Avengers” alum Joss Whedon to completely restructure the picture. The result was 2017’s flop now known as “Josstice League.”

“They butchered that film to pieces,” Catt said. “Seeing how they treated Zack after the death of her daughter made me upset. I’ve always been a fan of his for years. Superman is my favorite superhero and I feel in love with his portrayal of him in Man of Steel. I wanted to see his version of the DCEU continue.”

Joss has since faced accusations of cultivating a toxic and harsh environment from Cyborg actor Ray Fisher. Accusations later solidified by “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa and Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.

Warner Bros. silently launched a third-party investigation that reportedly concluded with remedial action.

“WarnerMedia’s investigation into the ‘Justice League’ movie has concluded and remedial action has been taken,” the statement from Dec. 11, 2020 read.

Zack Snyder behind the scenes of “Justice League.” Photo courtesy of WB

“My thoughts are always with those who suffered harassment/discrimination/misstreatment,” Joe said. “There have been several people speaking up about this. And I think we have not seen much consequences on that and it is unfortunate.”

According to Clark Joe, The whole effort by Ray Fisher to expose the studios mishandling while putting his career on the line should really be commended.

“There has hardly been any changes at WB due to this, and the small ones that might have happened did so in the shadows, they were not publicly acknowledge to be a consequence of these accusations,” Joe explained. “Probably what is worse is that people at the top of the structure when the by now infamous ‘Justice League’ reshoots happened under Joss Whedon, are still at the top.

Joe stated the the studio needs to undergo major internal structural changes.

From left to right: Director Zack Snyder photographing Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa as the Justice League. Photo courtesy Zack Snyder

If Home Brew’s data analysis proves anything, it’s that the Snyder fanbase is a wave of change. They’ve changed the world of entertainment forever while raising awareness and funds for suicide prevention. The community has also continued demanding accountability along with Ray Fisher while simultaneously requesting the restoration of Zack Snyder’s vision for DC.

“Being a part of this movement has been a huge source of joy for me,” Kavanagh said. “The passion, the fight, the hope, the win. It was  unmatched. I’m proud to be a part of the movement and I think everyone played a role, whether you tweeted once, or tweeted 1.2 Million times, we all worked together.”

“This community is amazing and seeing all that we have accomplished is gratifying,” Catt stated. “Everything from the countless tweets, to the money we raised for charity, to the friends we made along the way made this fight for artistic integrity and creative freedom worth it.”

“I really feel grateful to have this movie and be part of the twitter community that love this trilogy of Snyder DC movies that are out there,” Joe said “I am also grateful that it seems that a whole bunch of new people liked this movie and revisited old ones and are onboard of it. I really hope at some point in the future the success of ZSJL can lead to the completion of this story. For all the fans but mostly for the artists/crew/actors/actresses that were a part of this vision!”

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