The Best Ways To Increase Your Gas Mileage

The best ways to increase your gas mileage

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As the price per gallon of gas continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to find new ways to save at the pump and make the most of your gas mileage.

Though you can’t completely cut the expense out of your budget, there are a few ways to improve your car’s efficiency and visit the pump less.

Limit Idol Times

An idling car has the most significant impact on low gas mileage and increased pollution. Your car uses more fuel when idling than if you stop and restart the engine. It isn’t always practical to turn off your engine at every stop, but a few places you can help the situation are:

  • Waiting for a train to pass
  • Longer than usual waits at a red light
  • Picking up/dropping someone off

Maintain Your Speed

Once your speed hits 50mph or higher, you start to decrease your fuel efficiency rapidly. The best way to increase your gas mileage is by maintaining your speed or using cruise control features. Avoid harsh braking and sporadic changes in speed whenever possible.

Remember, it’s best to follow the set speed limit!

Routine Tire Maintenance

When your tire’s inflation is too low, they work harder to perform, impacting your car’s fuel efficiency. And making your Jeep more fuel-efficient is one of the best ways to increase your gas mileage overall. About once a month, or when the seasons change, check the pressure in your tires to ensure they’re balanced and carrying the correct psi load.

Clear the Clutter

It’s best to keep specific items in your car, like an emergency kit or roadside safety tools. But anything extra adds weight to your vehicle and eventually chips away at your gas mileage. Consider cleaning things out seasonally or at every oil change.

Try a rear-mounted or roof-mounted cargo box if you need to haul stuff long distances. A roof-mounted box can reduce your fuel economy up to 17 percent, compared to the rear-mounted box that only has up to a 5 percent impact.

It might feel like your car is a gas hog, and it could be the weight you tote around or the time spent idling in the student pick-up line at school. If that sounds like your situation, give these practices a try.

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