How To Protect Your Job Site During a Big Storm

How to protect your job site during a big storm

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Whether it’s a landscaping job or a construction project, job sites often face detrimental, inclement weather. Rainfall causes delays and damages, causing more work and money in the process.

To ensure your project goes off without a hitch, here’s how to protect your job site during a big storm.

Cover Up

The easiest way to combat rainfall is by stopping it before it touches your project. For construction job sites, use high-quality tarps and coverings to prevent water from hindering progress. Also, cover any exposed holes and trenches to avoid flooding or injury.

For a landscaping job, plants are easily protected with simple coverings such as buckets—this method is more suitable for a smaller project than tarps. Remember to protect any exposed holes or trench as well, preventing water damages and flooding.

Plan Ahead of Time

If the weather forecast a massive rainstorm soon, use that information to ensure your job site is prepared for the downpour. For landscaping jobs, move potted plants, machinery, and equipment into dry locations.

On a construction project, ensure materials, tools, and other construction equipment are adequately covered or secured, as the wind is as damaging as water during a storm. It poses a threat to the integrity of the project. Planning for a storm allows yourself or employees to prepare in the days leading up to it, ensuring the work is completed efficiently, and the proper protective methods are put into place.

Provide Proper Drainage

During a big storm, rainwater quickly accumulates near dangerous building materials, landscaping, and other items found at your job site. To ensure that flooding doesn’t cause massive complications, provide your work area with proper drainage.

This includes removing any obstructing items from drain pipes, holes, and pumps. Trench drains are essential landscaping tools that prevent foundational and plant damages. At a construction site, they ensure your work and your employees are protected.

Knowing how to protect your job site during a big storm allows you to be more prepared for any challenges, damages, or delays. Plan accordingly and pay special attention to detail when protecting your project.

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