All Star Superfan no. 10 — Asteroids and Amnesia! PART TWO

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You might believe a man can push an asteroid! Rob and Alan complete their journey through the stars as they explore two more episodes based on the classic “Menace from the Stars” comic — an episode of “Superboy” that somehow manages to crowbar in death cults and an episode of “Lois & Clark” that features some of the most breathtaking flying effects in the history of the character (no it doesn’t).

Come for superheroics and derring do! Stay for Rob’s Lex Luthor monologue!

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Alan Burke

Alan has an extensive knowledge and passion for comic book literature and the legacy of Superman in particular. Alan is an avid collector of rare comic book and film memorabilia and believes that comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the equivalent of a modern day mythology. Alan believes that fictional comic book characters, such as Superman, represent the modern day equivalent to the Gods of ancient mythology.

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