Digging for Kryptonite — Reign of the Supermen (Crisis ‘Til Death VIII)

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Host Anthony Desiato finishes digging into the story that got him into comics and made him a lifelong Superman fan as “Crisis ‘Til Death” concludes!

In the finale, Anthony and guest Bernie Gerstmayr discuss the legendary 90s storyline “Reign of the Supermen,” featuring Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Eradicator—and the return of the one, true Superman.

This episode covers “Superman” no. 78-83, “Action” no. 687-692, “Adventures” no. 501-505, “Man of Steel” #22-26, and “Green Lantern” no. 46, featuring the work of Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern and Jackson Guice, Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, and Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove.

“Crisis ‘Til Death” has concluded, but come back in two weeks for the next regular installment of Digging for Kryptonite! Support the show and get the exclusive companion podcast, including a brand-new episode on the Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen animated adaptations: Patreon.com/AnthonyDesiato.

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Anthony Desiato

Anthony Desiato, owner and founder of Flat Squirrel Productions, is a lifelong Superman fan, documentary filmmaker, and podcast host who has been chronicling the culture of comic shops for the past decade. Projects include the films My Comic Shop Documentary and My Comic Shop Country, as well as the podcast series My Comic Shop History and Digging For Kryptonite.

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