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‘Loki’ Episode 3 slows down on story, but gives us character

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Warning: This review contains spoilers for episode 3 of “Loki.”

The latest episode of “Loki,” titled “Lamentis,” was slow but steady. While most of the episode felt like filler, some crucial reveals and character moments were integral to both Loki and Sylvie. Oh, the mysterious Sylvie, the Loki Variant hunted by the TVA; she truly comes into her own this episode. And Tom Hiddleston’s Loki remains in his chaotic glory.

In the third episode of “Loki,” the presence of Mobius is missed. While Sophia DiMartino is good as Sylvie, there’s something so fun about watching the Mobius vs. Loki tête-à-tête. And any viewer would think a Loki vs. Loki conversation would be equally fascinating. But Sylvie, who no longer likes being called “Loki,” is a foil rather than a reflection to Loki. Yet, Sylvie does confirm that she is a Loki variant, not Enchantress (sorry, Enchantress fans). But I do have a small theory regarding that. I think that by the end of “Loki,” Sylvie will fully become Enchantress, explaining the blonde hair and new look. 

“Lamentis” is the enemies-to-friends road trip episode for Sylvie and Loki, where they find themselves on a planet about to be destroyed. In between arguments, they talk about love, discussing their hedonistic nature, and finally confirming Loki as a bisexual character. Disney is notorious for queerbaiting, so when Sylvie posed the question to Loki if he had any “princesses or princes” in his past, I instantly expected the question to be avoided with a just knowing glance. But when Loki verbally confirmed his bisexuality, it woke me up. What a significant moment.

While the viewer gets to know Sylvie, there’s still a lot left on the table. Why is she running from the TVA for “most of her life?” Is she from the future, but a different timeline? Why do Sylvie and Loki know different types of magic? Personally, I naively assumed that all Lokis would have the same powers.

And another essential reveal in this episode was the confirmation that TVA workers are just variants that have been “reset.” But we all knew the TVA was up to no good; I wonder what Mobius did to become a variant. 

While Sylvie gets a whole new look, removing her horns and her cape, and Loki finally gets to show off his magic, “Lamentis” has a low-energy, disappointing ending. I fully expected Mobius or a TVA member to show up at the very last moment to shift the episode’s energy and leave the viewer excited. Yet Sylvie and Loki are left stranded on Lamentis with no hope in sight. 

3.5/5 stars

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