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Superman and Lois: 01×9 — ‘Loyal Subjekts’

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This week’s episode, “Loyal Subjects,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, mostly deals with Morgan Edge and the concept of fatherhood. The episode focused on fathers of the Kent, Lane and Cushing family and how each of them are very different dads.

This episode was well made and had some great twists and changes. I personally can’t wait to see what happens going forward.

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Spoilers ahead

This episode was Morgan Edge’s. We come to know how he’s using “X-Kryptonite” to resurrect Kryptonians, the main plot driver for this inaugural season. Adam Rayner played the role perfectly, with his scenes accompanied by a haunting score which was just perfect. 

You can say this was the episode where the actor got a bit more screen time to stretch his acting muscles. As a result we get to know more about the character, which leads to a great twist, revealing Morgan Edge to be a Kryptonian who goes on to call Kal-El his brother. 

Although fans might think that this is Zod, the show’s track record of subverting expectations should also be taken into account. The writers have picked out lesser known characters to have prominent roles in the show. Take Captain Luthor as an example. The parallel earthling was actually John Henry Irons/Steel (Wolé Parks) and not another version of Lex.

Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge. Photo courtesy of The CW

Who is Morgan Edge?

Towards the end of the episode Edge calls Clark his brother, which is odd since we know Kal-El does not have any siblings. However, there is a character known as H’El who was there on Krypton. On the now dead planet, H’El believed he was a space explorer working for the great scientists Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, who he loved dearly as if they were his own parents. 

Unbeknownst to him, he was actually an illegal clone of several Kryptonians, raised to believe he was naturally born. Despite his true origin, H’el was taught to despise clones, which were outlawed on Krypton. And, since he considered Jor-El and Lara to be his parents, it makes sense that he would think of Kal-El as his “little brother.”

Bitsie Tulloch as Lois. Photo courtesy of The CW

As stated earlier, the episode also centers on fatherhood and focuses mainly on the characters Clark, Kyle and Sam and how each of them are different. Clark being the better father, while Kyle and Sam are making amends to be a better parent.

We almost see Clark breakdown after the heat treatment to remove the Kryptonite from Jordan’s system, which was spread to him by Clark due to his exposure to the Synthetic Kryptonite Bio-weapon. Clark blames himself, even though Lois had assured him that it wasn’t. Tyler Hoechlin really proved himself to be a perfect Clark Kent and Superman. His performance as the weathered character is absolutely believable.

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang. Photo courtesy of The CW

Sam Lane, who was always an absent father for Lois and Lucy most of their life because of his duty first mentality, had endangered the lives of the people he and Lois loved. At the end of the episode we see Sam reconcile with Lois as he promises “his little girl” that he would be a better father. It’s a fun take on the duo that hasn’t really been explored on TV in such depth.

Kyle Cushing, who is a good but troubled father, strives to be a better person for Lana and their girls. He goes to Edge for help and let’s just say he indeed became a new person. 

Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent. Photo courtesy of The CW

Coming off from the previous episode Jonathan and Lois’ relationship has only gotten stronger as he is one of the strong pillars holding Lois straight, and I really liked the moments they had together. It was reminiscent of recent comics in which Jon looks at his mother as his hero.

I also like the fact that Superman saves people all around the world, proving that he is earth’s protector. Something the other CW DC shows lack in representing.

I can’t wait to see what the writers and cast have in store for us.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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