Is ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ a masterpiece?


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“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” has recently been making waves throughout the entertainment industry. A film made for the fans has finally made it into fruition showing the power of love, compassion and a very loud fanbase.

Video review contains spoilers!

This recent release shows the passion that Director Zack Snyder had, not only for fans, but also the world he built. To many, the film is a triumphant success and a complete overhaul of what the studio released back in 2017 under the guise, and direction, of director Joss Whedon.  

Throughout this video, Darius Delsoin and I (Brendan Rooney) go on to share our thoughts on how powerful and prolific this film is and what it represents. 

To us, the black suit represents rebirth and shows us a Superman more connected to his Kryptonian roots.

A big driving factor of what makes Snyder’s vision prolific is what makes these heroes of lore become human. The movie shades these characters with a sense of realism.

What if Batman is pushed to the brink that he has to ally himself with the man who took away his only breath of life? What if you have a world where Aquaman is no longer there and ruling as king of Atlantis? What if Wonder Woman, who was war driven in the first film, goes to find herself in the second, still longing for love? What if she’s no longer there to show compassion for the League?

One arc that resonates with fans is how Lois, with her journalistic integrity, gives a sense of depth and connection to what binds the League together. 

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” compared to the theatrical cut is much more character-driven where we spend the necessary time with each character to either full flesh out characters arc or just planting the seeds of the potential for these god-like beings.

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