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Go nostalgic with these TV throwbacks

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A viral website is sweeping viewers with nostalgic memories from the past. My 90s, 80s and 70s TV brings viewers back to a golden era of television by compiling a series of internet videos into a playlist that displays on vintage television screens.

My 70s TV, My 80s TV and My 90s TV celebrates cartoons, comedies, commercials, dramas, movies and so much more.

As a millennial, I got way too excited about the My 90s TV display. I was instantly launched back to my childhood as shows like “Rugrats” appeared alongside long forgotten series. It’s a fun presentation of childhood memories.

Theses three highlighted decades are a montage of mindfulness that allows viewers a chance to escape from the chaos of today into the world of their youth.

The throwback sites were created by @joeycato, a self described nostalgia nut. The site is free to use and safe for any browser. It is not mobile friendly, but still accessible.

Travel back in time by checking out the three networks bellow.

Photo courtesy of joeycato

My 70s TV

My 80s TV

My 90s TV

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