Here’s how Gotham City celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

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Gotham City is infamous for their gothic revival architecture, crazed villains and heroic vigilantes, but did you know that the city enjoys a decent St. Patrick’s Day celebration as well?

For over a century, crowds have filled the blocks near Port Adams docks to raise a glass to the legacy of Gotham’s Irish immigrants. Pubs in the area pool their resources to erect huge tents, where thirsty parade-goers are entertained by folk musicians.

Thousands enjoy delectable delicacies and refreshing beverages as they soak in the historical heritage that helped build Gotham in its early days as a major seaport.

First celebrated way back in 1799, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival turns Port Adams green every March. The festival kicks off on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day, while the parade starts in the Cocktree and proceeds –– slightly drunkenly –– down Kelly Street to Port Adams Peer.

Numerous Gotham pubs, hotels and local business celebrate the week-long event with themed food and products.

This article was composed using source material from the “Batman vs Superman” “Metropolis/Gotham: TimeOut Shortlist” companion commissioned by Zack Snyder.

Lois Lane

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